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I just noticed Pat that you are booked. How exciting for such a special occasion. My daughter & I loved PV. Everything was so handy.  We always found the buffet had lots of empty tables so your group should be able to sit near each other even if it is not all at one table. We had a group of 40 at our son’s wedding & rather than trying to get everyone to agree where to dine or a set time as some did day trips, we just met at one of the lobbies later.  We never had a bad meal, we found the staff eager to please.  We hired a taxi at the airport, you pay & are given a receipt which you hand to the driver so only tip money on arrival. Front desk called a taxi for our departure.  There is a small sea water pool that would be really nice for anyone but especially kids who are snorkelling for the first time. We enjoyed the kayaks & my daughter used the paddleboards.  I can’t think of any tips right now but if you have a specific question I’ll keep checking.  Enjoy the countdown.

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