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As Americans, it is customary to tip… and I don’t have a problem rewarding hard working people who provide exceptional service…Anne I feel your description of tipping is fair and spot on…Yes I know the policy of “tips included in the all-inclusive” description and in some countries tipping is “unheard of”… But I  think it is a nice gesture for people who go out of their way to make your stay the best it can be… Yes as a Bartender and waitress in my “younger days”, I understand the rigors of this type of job, and have “walked a mile in their shoes”…..and the long hours these staff people put in to make our stay memorable… With that said… A tip is a nice and appreciated gesture, but is totally up to the discretion of the guest.

I know of a guest who refused to take a towel from the towel attendant because he did not roll it, but handed it to the guest folded, after the guest waved his “gold” band in the face of the attendant, he received a “rolled towel”. I felt so sad for the attendant, being humiliated in this way… BTW the guest walked away and unrolled the towel and put it over his shoulders…  ;-)…  What a “Touron”…

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