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Peter: There are some quirks. You need to pay the entry fee before immigration. And at least for United Airlines, you have to show your baggage claim ticket before leaving with your luggage…they check to make sure every bag you take is yours. That makes it difficult if you have carry-on.

Yvonne Bartha I’ve read in a few places that you can purchase a Tourist Card online now, so you can skip the line to purchase one at the airport. How long is the line at the airport to buy one?

Joey Wilbourn During our arrival the line was about half as long for those who purchased in advance
Joey Wilbourn
Joey Wilbourn I recommend you purchase the tourist card in advance here.

Tourist card

$10 usd. It will save some time purchasing at airport and allow you to go through typically a shorter line. Just print and turn in to immigration. There is no personal info on it basically just a piece of paper you paid $10 for. You will still fill out immigration and customs form on airplane.

About the Tourist Card
The Tourist Card is a tax the Dominican Republic charges its visitors. Its legal base rests on the Law 199-67, which establishes the acquisition of such card as a requirement to enter national territory, for tourism purposes, without the need of a consular Visa.

Joey Wilbourn
Joey Wilbourn Also we did exit the airport for our private transport. Used Dominican Plus which seems to be the preferred company by most on TA. They will email you instructions where to meet them outside the airport

Manuel Ferrer
Manuel Ferrer It’ not a difficult airport. It’s very simple .Everything is written in both English and Spanish and there’s a duty free shop next to baggage claim, so you can shop while waiting for your bag.

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