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    Despite our annual discussion about trying another GP resort, here I sit after our 10th consecutive year at the GPRM.

    How could we not return when Maria (server in La Hacienda) gives Cliff and I a big hug when we within our first hour, or a hug from Esmeralda in the PTC, same from AnnaMelly (food supervisor).  The hugs from staff on our last day.  The hi -light, having Martine play “The Way You Look Tonight” on entering Hemingways on Sunday night!  I have asked Martine every year to play that song, and he remembers.   It certainly feels like coming home and we have such a connection to the staff at the resort.  We were talking to another couple who was finishing off their fourth visit.  They said the same thing about the staff feeling like family.

    We arrived on February 16, staying in Kantenah for the first time in a couple of years.  The view from our balcony, sadly was of the top floors of the new hotel next door.  Oh well, we didn’t spend much time in our room.  Our housekeeper Edwin was wonderful, kind, efficient, great at towel art.  We were in a Jr. Suite in Villa 49.  Great location, close to the beach, El Rinconcito and the lobbies.

    Our daughter arrived on February 18.  She stayed in a Jr. Suite in White Sand 59.  Perfect location for her.  She loved her room.

    As usual, we ate the buffets for breakfast and lunch.  Sara a trainee hostess was lovely, seating us usually as close to a window as possible.  The ice cream stand in the buffets at lunch was a favourite with Cliff.  The variety of food continues to be wonderful.  I love the Mexican fare you can get a breakfast and lunch.

    We dined at the a la carte restaurants for dinner.  We enjoyed Portofino, El Dorado, and O Paveo.  Chang Thai was fabulous.  I was mourning the loss of Mare Nostrum, but Chang Thai made up for it.  I think we all agreed it was our favourite.  We tried La Adelita for the first time in four years.  Unfortunately, with the exception of the tortilla soup, it confirmed why we have stayed away.  We also enjoyed Sumptori, again, we haven’t eaten there in a few years.  The renovation is beautiful and the food was not as salty as previous.  We were less than enthused about Lo La.

    We generally fell into our usual routine very quickly.  Beach in our favourite spot, sometimes El Rinconcito pool in the afternoon.  Pre lunch and pre-dinner drinks in the lobbies.  We spent our evenings in Hemingways listening to Martine and playing cards with our daughter and her friend.  The kids really enjoyed Hemingways.  While the chocolate tasting was very impressive, the kids both said they missed the quiet that is usual at that bar.  We really enjoyed Con Classe on two nights in the Colonial Lobby.  Cieara and I danced with a groups from around the world and had a ball!

    We didn’t go off the resort this year.  It seemed that everyone just needed to lay on a lounger and enjoy the sun, sand and surf.

    Every year there are improvements and changes.  The decor in Chang Thai, O Paveo, Sumptori and Lo La is absolutely gorgeous.  There are certainly more than enough loungers on the beach.

    The staff work so hard.  You rarely see anyone loafing, nor saying Hola as they pass on pathways or the roads  Their commitment to service is outstanding.  While we hardly took the transportation around the resort, preferring to walk, Cielo, Omar at the Bell stations in the lobbies were extremely helpful.  Another reason I love this resort is the ease of walking and running wherever.  No problem in ensuring we got our minimum number of steps in a day!

    We all frequented the gym.  I was reminiscing about going to the gym on our first visit and there was two treadmills!  Now the gym is so well equipped.  Cieara and her friend spent time at the spa pool, but we did not this trip.  The smaller pools are heated!  I think I had read that, but for me to walk into a pool in Feb without cringing was remarkable.

    Hugs and kisses on our last day from newbie Wendy in the Kantenah lobby, and the staff in the buffet and PTC.   I cannot wait to return asap.  I am sure we will have the discussion about other GP resorts again, but return to our love in the Riviera Maya.

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    Wonderful report. Glad you had a nice trip. I agree, it’s so hard trying a new location. We went to P Punta Cana over Christmas and while we enjoyed it we kept competing it to Riviera Maya. Will hopefully be back at RM over Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Great trip report, thank you !

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