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    Here are some logistics. I have been to Riviera Maya many times, Punta Cana, Jamaica and my daughter has been to Puerto Vallarta.

    Riviera Maya has the largest footprint with 300 acres carved out of the jungle on a long varied beach. The smallest of these is Palladium Puerto Vallarta with two resorts set on a cliff overlong the Pacific.  Each resort has its own unique personality.

    Comparison between GP Riviera Maya, Punt Cana, Jamaica, Puerto Vallarta

    Grand Palladium Riviera Maya

    Environment: Jungle setting on 300 acres.

    Beach: about 1 mile of beach with varied beaches for swimming and snorkeling & a salt water pool.

    Rooms: 1500 rooms in 5 resorts including an adult only Royal area

    Pools: 7 pools plus a Royal pool

    A la Cartes: 9 a la cartes plus an additional Royal restaurant

    Bars: 25 plus Royal

    Primary language: Mayan, Spanish, English

    Distance from airport: 1 hour direct

    Grand Palladium Punta Cana

    Enviroment: Manicured gardens on 79 acres

    Beach: 0.6 mile of soft white sand with aqua ocean No snorkeling.

    Rooms: 2000 rooms in 4 resorts including a Royal area

    Pools: 6 pools plus a Royal pool

    A la Cartes: 7 a la cartes plus 2 Royal a a cartes

    Bars: 22 plus Royal

    Primary Language: Spanish, English

    Distance from airport: 35 minutes

    Grand Palladium Jamaica & Lady Hamilton

    Environment: Villas set on cliffs overlooking the ocean. Many with views. 23 1/2 acres.

    Beach: Open ocean with some coves for snorkeling

    Rooms: 1049 in 2 resorts

    Pools: 5

    A la Cartes: 7

    Bars: 17

    Primary Language: English

    Distance from Airport: 40 minutes

    Grand Palladium Puerto Vallarta

    Environment: Smaller resort set up high overlooking the Pacific on 15 acres

    Beach: Open ocean with waves for surfing. Darker sand

    Rooms: 2 resorts with 519 rooms, in including 100 Royal rooms

    Pools: 4 pools including Royal

    A la Cartes: 4 plus 1 Royal

    Bars: 10

    Primary language: Spanish, English

    Distance from airport: 40 minutes

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