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    I will say that the allowing males to wear shorts looked like a slippery slope some nights, although some of the female apparel left much to be desired. Sure I a youngest female in pyjama bottoms one night at an a-la-carte! It certainly depends on staff if they restrict entrance to a male not complying with the dress code. Saw cargo shorts as well, as someone I thought was in a bathing suit. For the most part though, folks did comply.

    I witnessed a man without shirt and shoes arguing with a server at the Gran Azul, out came a supervisor. He was insistent that he would have go all the way back to his room in Kantenah. I met him a few minutes later trudging back to Kantenah. No shoes, no shirt, no service! Liked that they were consistent.

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    Yes, I realize that long trousers must be uncomfortable for the men but I did see some “stretching the limits” in December as well as some ladies in inappropriate attire. Must be awkward for the staff to enforce but in the case of no shirt, no shoes that is understandable.

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