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    Penny shared this great report with us.

    “Our stay at GPRM Kantenah side. We arrived Jan 27 and stayed till Feb 3 . Our first 2 nights was cool and most of us needed a sweater. The other days was much warmer.

    We were a group of 35 for our daughters wedding week. Our check in went smoothly with a drink in hand upon arrival thanks to Elsa our wedding coordinator and Our Bride And groom. This was a fantastic week of lots of FUN and Laughter.

    I will apologize ahead of time if we were too loud for some . It’s not everyday your daughter gets married?in Paradise with a great group of family and friends that gathered from near and far and ready to Party ?

    Our first night supper was buffet at Tikal … Wow just Awesome food . Prime rib In buffet was most people’s choice . This hotel was pretty accommodating at a large group just showing up . Great staff all over this resort .
    We ate at this buffet most nights as there was always something great to eat . Food temperatures was also great. We Enjoyed the other buffets for lunch . The one had music / band playing during the afternoon. Very nice touch . I don’t want to repeat what others have to say but the sports bar had great food the Brazilian and Mexican restaurant was most of our groups favorite nights out.

    We spent most nights in the Colonial section listing to the band and dancing. We tipped them to let uncle Tim ( use to play in a band ) from our group sing . They didn’t seem to mind a little extra help. Hopefully everyone else enjoyed his music too. My favorite song was ” House of the rising Sun” wedding night they even let the bride dance on stage with them .

    Speaking of wedding our wedding coordinator was superb. The day went smoothly a small delay in getting bride to spa for makeup and flower deliver a bit behind but we where on island time anyways. All in all the most perfect day. The rooms where cleaned early for us to get ready and picture worthy. Fridge was stocked up with lots of cold drinks?room service was fast and efficient for all of us to enjoy a lunch on our patio before the wedding. I am very thankful this hotel has added this service. Our room was 3408 Myan suites . Our daughter and husband got a wedding upgrade and they spent the week in building 33?? Lovely rooms and beautiful bathrooms. Towel art some days but not everyday.

    One tip would be if someone would post the air conditioner pic again so as to understand the Spanish translation….. Some of us struggled a bit to figure this out.

    The beach is Beautiful and the bars are great at keeping up. I like how on the wedding day they rope a section off for the wedding to keep it clean. Thanks to Irvin and staff at La Jarra bar for great margaritas after the ceremony. Champagne wedding we where not . Margaritas in hand to toast was Awesome ??The transfer drivers in the carts Freddy is the only one I remember but all was outstanding and Fun. They took us all over for pics and took care of our guest in taking them to lobby for drinks.

    Our dinner was at Tikal buffet and once again very happy with this restaurant . The staff made 2 lines and cheered and clapped as we entered for dinner. Very nice touch. We had a section in the back just for us . We askedElsa if the singers could come play and once again it was such beautiful soft music to dine too. Thanks again. We tried to tip often on each day but we went a bit more for this day. Well deserved by all the staff. The wedding cake was traditional Mexican cake which was loved by all. This hotel was also very accommodating for food sensitive and allergy people. The little cards was a nice touch rather than a sheet of paper to carry like most hotels.
    We kept on schedule for most of the day as timing is everything Lol
    We opted for a beach bash and was thrilled with the service and atmosphere which was created. A dream ending to a beautiful day.

    Other things enjoyed was the Segway tours at hotel and the Foam party at the beach one afternoon. Others also enjoyed the pontoon boat rides. Honestly something for every one here. If you didn’t enjoy your stay then that would be your fault not this establishment everyone works hard for your enjoyment.

    My husband and I travel a few times a year to Mexico and stay at All inclusive hotels and beach huts in Tulum. We are seasoned travelers. We have one request for this hotel is to have a high end tequila and whiskey selection . One worthy of sipping or on the rocks. Yes you can get top shelf alcohol for the most part but not in these areas of Tequila and whiskey . The wine was drinkable but could be upgraded also. They have it for Royal guests as we seen stuff and asked and was refused. So when going again we would have to upgrade to royal for this service is my understanding. We bought high end Rum and whiskey and tequila for wedding night to keep guest happy.
    This is the first time in our travels that we seen this. We do and have recommended this hotel to others.

    We did a day trip withH2O Hola sun tours and had a most Fabulous day out with deep sea fishing and swimming with turtles and a Beautiful BBQ lunch on board with lots of Karaoke and much more ?? highly recommend this tour also.

    Forgot to mention don’t underestimate the humidity and your hair on wedding day ?and wedding day was complete with wedding crashes wearing sombreros Lol
    Also photo op with paramedico and our bride and friend ( bridesmaid ) who are also paramedics here at home ? complete day could not ask for more ❤
    Brides bouquet and grooms boutoneer was from Cherry Blossom florist in Playa del Carmen . Most Beautiful bouquet I have seen in a long time . Great work ?








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