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    Adios Kern, Stacy, Jenny, Kaitlynn, Joyce, Lori, Darlene  and ………….

    How many sleeps until Paradise?
    Becky Maddix House, Belen Brito and 5 others
    Gil Lowe
    Gil Lowe nine maybe 10 if you count a long layover in LAX

    Brenda Gordon
    Brenda Gordon Royal Suites Yucatan! Can’t wait!
    Brenda Gordon’s photo.

    Marge Clark-Garrison
    Marge Clark-Garrison 13 and a wake up.

    André Filipe Barreto
    André Filipe Barreto 29 sleeps until Paradise

    Cisco Ordaz
    Cisco Ordaz 72…

    Jessica Krambeck
    Jessica Krambeck 44

    Marianne Powers Stroup
    Marianne Powers Stroup 18!

    Jenny Plouff
    Jenny Plouff 2

    Joanna-louise Blackwell
    Joanna-louise Blackwell Too many..

    Darlene Saindon
    Darlene Saindon Seven more until GPJ. ..??

    Philip Rourke
    Philip Rourke Too many

    Stacey Dawn Wyber
    Stacey Dawn Wyber 1 and a nap
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    Brenda Wegert
    Brenda Wegert Safe travels and Enjoy !.

    Enty Ganian
    Enty Ganian 13!

    Brenda Wegert
    Brenda Wegert Too many for me as well..

    Doug Purnell
    Doug Purnell   29ish
    Bryan Buzzy Rice
    Bryan Buzzy Rice Probably about 9 months. Lindsay Rice

    Susan Mannino
    Susan Mannino 16

    Amanda Glaab Bergman
    Amanda Glaab Bergman 18

    Artie Larson
    Artie Larson 10

    Lori Ann
    Lori Ann 3

    Michelle Allen Burton
    Michelle Allen Burton 17!!!

    Connie Davis
    Connie Davis 16 sleeps ?

    Kaitlynn Demarell
    Kaitlynn Demarell Two!!!

    Penny Demarell
    Penny Demarell Enjoy wedding party take 2 smile emoticon

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