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    The Lokes were in Rome. Louise says,

    “Rome is very busy & hot. Lots of history for K, his favourite. His Italian has helped too in fact he was asked by some Italian folks if we were from Roma & needed directions. Too funny. I wish I had that nice olive complexion. This is a great city but one needs to be out early to beat the crowds. Our first time at the Trevi fountain was a disaster, thousands packed into a small piazza & it was push shove, elbow to elbow, a nightmare. We couldn’t even get close enough to toss our coin so we went back early this am & got to make our wish. Tomorrow more sites, then start our tour on Sunday with a night tour, tour the Vatican monday am & off to Orvieto & then 3 nights in Perugia with day trips.

    I will send a pic of Spanish steps & Trevi . ”

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    Some tips from Rome:

    The Goods:
    Fit in…..we were asked twice by Italians for directions we just said we offer no auto. Like it..

    The pasta is Gooooòd

    The weather is perfect

    The hotel

    The people in services mostly speak ok English

    The traffic usually stops at red lights

    It is surprisingly clean..no urine smells is a bonus

    The wine is Sooooo very cheap and good
    Apparently the secret police hit terror hard before it surfaces

    Many car drivers can drive without hands…who needs a

    Scooter drivers usually aim to miss you and often stop for red lights and nuns

    You can buy a self stick for about 5 bucks on any corner

    The bad

    Do not eat the breakfast scrambled and cold eggs . You could be real sorry foe a number of hours.

    Do not over drink fluids unless you want to drink even more at a restaurant

    A Canuck is often mistaken for an American

    People with maps are somewhat unpopular

    Polite walking is frowned upon

    Gellato is apparently fattening

    Older people are not necessarily held in high regard

    Crowds do not care if you are going the wrong way

    Sweat is usually taken for granted


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    Lokes are in San Gimignano in Tuscany. Louise said the hotel is beautiful. She is under the weather so K will head to Florence tomorrow. (Feel better)

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    Hotel area in Siena is out of town

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    Prague, a new favorite

    Made it by 6:pm Monday after a long day of water taxi to Venice airport , a long wait for Czech air, and a hopping flight to Prague via Balognia (much longer than the original booking indicated. ……ugh!

    On the upside this hotel , Prague Linder, is very nice with view of castle. It’ raining and actually a nice relief from the Italian heat (at least for the moment).

    Venice was uber busy and we had a good rushed time but it could have been better.
    Will send some photos later as we just got up and are a little : disorientated, fatigued, and bewildered etc.

    We now know two words in the Czech language and have forgotten one!

    Will go into the old town after breakfast.

    Was very cold & windy in Prague. Hotel was perfect, clean, comfortable & cool. Short walk to St Vitus cathedral from our hotel. It was breathtaking. Found some wonderful quaint restaurants, food excellent, wine pretty good.Hope all is well in the Canadian hinterlands and of course at home.

    Will send photos later.

    We have just discovered our new favourite European city. This city is just wonderful. It is CLEAN and orderly and beautiful. It is packed with history and the architecture is unique and inspiring.

    We had heard that Czech food was a little on the blah side but we have found it perhaps a step above German in flavor and quality. Perhaps we just lucked out but a couple of restaurants close to our hotel gave served outstanding goulash soup, schnitzel, and traditional soup topped off with strudel. The beer is outstanding and the red wines are fine.

    Our hotel, Lindner, is superior perched high above the town. The bkfast is great and the room very nice.

    We have seen the main sights…arches, astronomical clock, Charles Bridge, and St Vitis Cathedral. King Wenceslas of Xmas Carol fame is buried in St Vitus a beautiful Gothic church high on the valley side.

    The only fault we have is that the city is very busy with non Canadian barbarians. No worse than in Italy, but no better either. As our hotel is way up on the hill we have had no trouble getting dinner as the barbarians are top lazy to walk up!

    So very glad we came!”

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