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    What are the different levels of membership and what do they give you as a membr?

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    There are three basic levels with a few variations. There are junior level memberships which give members access to travel club rates on standard rooms and junior suites. A variation of this level offers access to Royal suites junior suites as well. The second basic level is governor level, which give access to additional room types such as one bedroom suites. There is a variation of governor plus as well, which gives additional room types. The highest basic level is presidential. This level gives access to all room types as well as the ability to combine two adjoining rooms as one reservation while only needing three adults. The final variations are Ambassador and Signature. These are for access to these specific room types which are exclusive to the Travel Club. Ambassador memberships must be at least governor level while I believe that Signature memberships are presidential level. Depending on the level and membership purchased, the term of membership can vary from 5-50 years.

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      So, if the contract states “standard, jr suites, loft jr suites, and jr suite plus”,  how do we get to the other levels, or multiple bedrooms?  We were not told that they were in a different type of membership.

      Thnk you for your help!

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    Although I am not a TC member, I believe you would be required to upgrade your existing membership level to get access to higher level rooms.


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