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    A question just saw on another site about the demise of the Royal Suites Punta de Mita and that these rooms will be turned into some form of upgraded Palladium room and also this is happening in other Palladiums? Posters concern was would their membership that include Royal Suites be any good or are they SOL

    Jason Rodgers They’ve rebranded them to TRS. No one knows 100% how it will effect those of use with Royal suites in our memberships. We know those with presidential level will still have access. The TRS will still be the same level of services with some if not all having the addition of a family side with the same level of services.

    Peter Gittinger: Bill, I posted something inUnofficial Palladium Travel Club Members…and tagged you. Royal Suites Punta Mita will change to Grand Palladium. Memberships will not be affected. There will be only 4 rooms which are being changed. Three Ambassador Suites and one Signature Suite. It was explained to me that they will be where the Ocean view suites for Royal were. Other than that, members should have access to all the rooms they always had, even though they are being renamed.

    Bill Paterson: So changing the 4 master suites basically

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