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    I read some TA comments in reports that make me shake my head. There is a recent report claiming that there is poor customer servce because she requested her room 8 months in advance and didn’t get her request If you request a specific room more than a week out you may not be in their computer so they can’t make a note on your account and thus won’t acknowledge your request..
    The gentleman who complains about non-existant customer service because the housekeeper woud not sew his wife’s broken zipper was way off track. I am sure that the housekeepers have a quota and a time frame in which to eet their quotas. They are not slaves.
    Then there is the person who complaned that it is not truly AI because wine is not includeed (false) and lobster is an extra chrage (true unless you stay in Royal). If you want unlimited lobster then upgrade to Royal.

    And of course there are many people who complain the resort is too large and they had no idea going in. Yes, the complex is very large (300 acres or 1.220,000 sq meters). You can stay in your own section or utilize the entire complex (except Royal) If you’re in Royal you can stay in Royal or use the other areas.

    Then there are those who find the food inedible. The P prepares food for thousands of people per day from all over the world. No one will like everything. There are grills in the buffets so choose to have something freshly grilled, or go to a fresh pasta station There must be something to your liking.

    I suggest you do as much homework as possible so there are no surprises. Many of us have been there many times so please ask and don’t depend on one site for up to date, factual info. I know another Palladium fan site was reporting incorrectly on room service as well as other housekeeping items (fridge). If we don’t know something we ask managemet and get a resposne the same day.

    Go with a great attitude, don’t sweat the small stuff and you’ll have a great time. Things move slower in MX. Cherish this. Don’t forget to say gracias. Staff have lives and families too so although they may smile 99% of the time, they have the same worries we all have. Be kind.

    43Geoffrey Sanders, Holger Rosenfeld and 41 others

    Brenda Wegert
    Brenda Wegert Well said.. just put yourself in any one of “their shoes”. Would you be able to work 6 days a week and keep on smiling and truly trying to please everyone ?? I know I could not do it. The staff at any of the Palladium we have visited have been wonderful.

    Cape Cod Anne
    Cape Cod Anne Many of them must leave their families to live across the street in a dorm They only see their kids once a week if they can make the trip in one day. If your towel is not rolled correctly put yoursef in their shoes
    Mark Foster
    Mark Foster I am sure these are the same people that complain about a Motel Six having lumpy beds. Use diving rules with any comments throw out the high and low and pay attention to the middle. I like reading reviews just to see how “dumb” people really are.
    Amanda Glaab Bergman
    Amanda Glaab Bergman Very well said. I researched like crazy before we went in November and found this group to be so incredibly helpful!! I read TA with a huge grain of salt, and have on occasion clarified things from there that seem odd with you wonderful people.
    Our st…See More
    Christan Marie Martin
    Christan Marie Martin Agree 100%

    Ann Thompson Martel
    Ann Thompson Martel I especially like the “the resort is too large”… Maybe? – when you combine all 5 resorts (Kantenah, Colonial, White Sands, Riviera, and Royal)- it is a good size resort- but, towards the ocean, the resort seems not as large to me- but big enough for …See More

    Bryan Buzzy Rice
    Bryan Buzzy Rice Spot on. It’s all about the homework, the first time we stayed GP RM we made sure to bring sneakers bc we heard the resort was big. And out of the 5 times we have been there now the food has never disappointed. Some people just can’t go on vacation …See More

    Cindi Rossato Schwitters
    Cindi Rossato Schwitters True Words … we have been to many other resorts in Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Maya … Palladium RM is SO WONDERFUL … food, accommodations and especially the people !!!

    Lynn Shallenberger
    Lynn Shallenberger Well Stated…Yes a little homework and leave the condescending attitude at home…and if you find Utopia at any resort…shout from the highest mountain… Been going to the GP since 2004 the year after it opened with only the Colonial and Kantenah…My list is too long why we keep returning…

    Diana Alderete
    Diana Alderete I love the fact that there are so many experiences to enjoy at this resort. Been there 3 times and hoping for a 4th this year. You can enjoy the whole resort or just stay in your own section. As far as food we have never been disappointed, some we like, some we love and some not for us. There are so many choices.

    Kim Croft
    Kim Croft We are guests in their beautiful country whichever P you go to. It is a privilege that many do not have Embrace it and embrace the differences. If you want it to be like home. Well stay home ! That is the adventure.

    Diana Alderete
    Diana Alderete Yes adventure is right!

    Heather Baker Montgomery
    Heather Baker Montgomery Where on earth are these people staying that housekeeping sews things for them?!?! Seems like a really ridiculous expectation.

    Cape Cod Anne
    Cape Cod Anne Ha ha Heather The guy goes on and on.

    Juan J Mullin
    Juan J Mullin Loved the “things move slower in MX”. That’s true, after being there so many times you learn. They always have a smile, they say “ahorita” and they move slower than us. We usually arrive with a hurry, we are not aware that we are on holiday! On our f…See More

    Diana Alderete
    Diana Alderete We have been going to the Riviera Maya since 1996 and enjoy the phrase we learned ” In A Mexican Minute.” Just relax and don’t be in such a hurry!!
    Donna Simmonds
    Donna Simmonds everything was awesome when we were there 4times in a row love love this resort <3and we are going back in nov everyone is so nice there and helpful

    Duane Gordon
    Duane Gordon Thanks Ann, people need to hear the truth about their unreasonable behaviour. Brenda Gordon and I are returning to the Royal Suites Yucatan in September and we can’t wait to return to our Mexican paradise! The staff is so friendly and we have always found something good to eat at every restaurant.
    Brenda Gordon
    Brenda Gordon Just to add, this September will be our 3rd visit to this amazing resort! The rooms, the staff, the food and the grounds are all wonderful!!

    Edna Miller-volsky
    Edna Miller-volsky Well said it is a holiday not a time to look for problems!!!!!!

    Dane Schadel
    Dane Schadel What I learned in GP/RM… Good or bad, it’s all part of the adventure of life!

    Steve Edwards
    Steve Edwards Hi Anne we arrived safely and have been put in villa 6. We were a little disappointed in that we received none of the room requests that we had sent over. However new check in is very informative and as soon as we released we only had 2 small doubles f…See More

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    Yes, it always amazes me to see the ridiculous things that people complain about.  The Palladium is such a gorgeous resort!  Can’t wait to return!  9 more days!

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    Great response Anne. Before we travel, I check reviews about our hotels on TA. If I believed all the things written on Trip Advisor, we would never travel. Like Anne says, I cannot believe some of the negative reviews about the Mayan GP. After having stayed at this resort for a total of 17 weeks, I cannot think of an issue that is serious enough to complain about, let alone dwell on it to the point where our vacation was ruined. If you can’t find something to suit your palate in the buffets, then Stay home! Also for those complaining the resort is too large then stay in the section booked. All services are available in each section & for example  one does not need to go to the Colonial section if you are staying in White Sands. Just because there are 4 sections, it doesn’t mean a person has to frequent all 4 if they find the resort too large. Just my humble opinion!

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