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Is there a departure tax ?

Manuel Ferrer It depends on the airline. My airline includes it in the ticket so we don’t have to pay the tax.

Kerry Hansen Wingham Anne it’s a pretty cool open air airport….last time we were there 2009

Joey Wilbourn No departure tax for you. Aside from the tourist card its the same as Mexico. Departures at this airport are not as efficient and the ticket counter area has no a/c so dress accordingly.

Meg Simoni And Anne Adams make sure you check out the enormous ceiling fans, the are a hoot because they are labeled BIG ASS FANS! At least in 2010 they were.

Brenda Gordon Following…punta cana is a possibility one day….thanks for the tips!L
Anne Adams Approx how much time should I allow to get from the P through the airport prior to my departure?

Joey Wilbourn I would suggest 3 hours. Security is slower here than Cancun. We flew American and it’s also a long walk to the departure gates so keep the 5″ heels ? in your luggage. ?
Linda Wickstrom yes pay the fee first 10 dollars American when we went of course we had no American money and we did not know about it so had to go back & do it grrr

Peter Gittinger I would say at most an hour and a half with private transportation. The longest part is a toss up at 30 minutes for the drive and immigration. We have flown through the airport and gotten to the hotel in just under an hour.

Angela Horner I love Punta Cana airport.They have 4 guys playing banjo and drums and singing as you arrive.We find it very quaint and getting through immigration is very fast ?

Lisa Murray Not hard. Get off, walk right into customs, pay your fee, turn left, go to luggage-straight ahead to left, go straight, turn right, AVOID ANYONE that approaches u -unless they r officials because u will be attacked by sales people, go left through a doorway and then straight out the doors to the lot.

Karen Horwood When I was there twice, it was awful. There were no signs from the Tarmac leading into the terminal so nobody formed a line, just a crazy jumble of people. If it’s not changed, there is a small booth that you pay your $10, again, no signage, so make sure to stop there or they’ll send you back! After the initial entry and the $10, it was smooth sailing. Hope they’ve organized it a bit better by now!

Peter Gittinger It has changed. Unless the plane is directly by the terminal, everybody boards buses to get to the terminal…it can be the longest 200 foot rides of your life. And the corded areas force you to the booths for the $10. You can’t miss it.

Joey Wilbourn Just buy in advance and get in the line by the far wall. Like I said it was about half as long. We went in July and there were two lines. If you don’t have the tourist card you get into the line in the center. About half way through there is a podium w…See More

Sherry Frank Purchase the tourist card online before your arrival and go straight to that line. We did this and were the first ones in line and got out quickly. When we looked back the line was getting long.

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