Welcome to our Photos page. Please enjoy the collection of images provided by all of our wonderful contributors. If you have a photo gallery or just a few pictures you would like to share please post it  on the forum , let us know on facebook or contact us and share your picture(s) or album link(s). We will be happy to add it to the collection.



Palladium Fan Food Favorites


Palladium Fan Favorite Beverages

Chocolate Corner at Hemmingways in Riviera Maya

  • Every Thursday evening from 6 pm.


Unofficial Palladium Facebook Friends Favorites




Photos from some of our Unofficial Palladium Facebook Friends

10/2021 White Sand from Holger Rosenfeld  Holgers 10_2021 trip

2005 Honeymoon during hurricane from Holger Rosenfeld 2005 honeymoon during Wilma




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