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Frequently Asked Questions 

These were written and updated by Anne. Subject to change. Updated May 2024.

Where is the resort located?

About 55 minutes south of Cancun, 20 minutes south of PDC. Currently there is construction so there may be delays. Refer to the Map.

What is included with my “All Inclusive” vacation ?

Breakfast and lunch in buffet style. Dinner in the buffet or in one of our A la Carte restaurants (unlimited dinners, based on the availability), Snacks 24 hours in the Sports Bar  (Grand Palladium Colonial) and Las Olas Beach Bar (Grand Palladium Colonial) (11 am – 5pm), local and international drinks with or without alcohol, house wine in all of our restaurants and bars, cocktails and selection of international drinks. Sports and animation included, according to the activity, gym according to service desired, towels, turbines and umbrellas for beach and the swimming pools, miniclub, Black & White Junior Club, minibar in all rooms (restocked daily).  Room service 24 hours (Free for TRS guests, $17 delivery fee for Grand Palladium guests 11 pm – 10:30 am , free during the hours 11 am – 11 pm) SERVICE OF ALCOHOLIC DRINKS PROHIBITED FOR MINORS LESS THAN 18 YEARS OF AGE.

What kinds of rooms are available?

Kantenah ( building 40 under renovation until June 2024) 

Jr suite rooftop private pool, Jr suite beachside

Kantenah Family Select

Jr suites (one king or 2 doubles with a sleep chair) (Garden view or swim out), Ambassador suites

Residence Suite Beachside

Kantenah (GP)

Deluxe Garden view, (41 – 47)


Standard (one king bed or two doubles), Jr. Suite (same as standard with pullout couch in sitting area), Ambassador Suites, Romance suites/Cabanas (see below).

White Sand 

Jr. suites & suites. Limited number of family suites. (Connecting suite & Jr. suite). In the White Sand & there are also some Romance suites/ Cabanas.

See the map. yellow = Kantenah,  blue=Colonial, pink =White Sand, grey = TRS

RM Resort map 2024

Can a room accommodate five people?

The majority of rooms accommodate two adults and two children (12 & under).

Some companies will allocate a certain amount of these rooms for families and the rest just for two people but the rooms are exactly the same. Not all tour operators will work in the same way as this is their own criteria.

Is smoking permitted in the rooms ?

No, here is the PHG policy. “We would like to remind you that, according to national tobacco laws, smoking is not allowed in hotel rooms and in the lobby. If caught smoking, you will be charged $250 USD for room cleaning and preparation.” Mexico has recently implemented a stringent no smoking policy so smoking areas are designated.

What amenities do the rooms contain?

Self-programmable safe, hair-dryer, mini-fridge with water, soda & beer-(Stocked daily), satellite TV, Iron, ironing board, steamers in TRS rooms, tubs, shower, A/C , iPod dock. Coffee pot or Nespresso

Room safes

  • Self programmable 7.75″ x 15.75″ x 15.75


The safes in TRS Yucatan measure 13 1/2” or 34 cm wide, 12 3/4” or 32.5 cm deep, 5 1/2” or 14.5 cm high.


Does the resort offer accessible rooms ?

Yes, The Palladium hotel group strives to offer a luxury vacation for all.

Smoking in rooms

  •  “We would like to remind you that, according to national tobacco laws, smoking  is not allowed in the rooms. If caught smoking, you will be charged $250 USD for cleaning and reconditioning of the room.”


Does the resort offer beach towels?

Yes, each guest will be given a beach towel which can be exchanged for a clean one.

  • Towel exchange locations are located at Colonial, White Sands Pool, La Jarra Kantenah beach bar  & La Rocas salt water pool, the Adult pool in White Sand, and the Royal Yucatan Suites Pools. The towel huts are open from 8am to 8pm in the summer and 8am t0 6pm in the winter months.
  •  Towel cards are no longer used at TRS or FS.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning setting FYI: Depending on what temp you want suggest as an example: set to enfriamiento and auto and 22c = 74F (use up and down arrows) and hit set.

  • Enfriamiento = cooling
  • ventilacion = just fan
  • apagado = off
  • alta = high
  • media = medium
  • Baja = low

Check In & Check Out

  • Check in is at 3pm and check out is at noon. Late check out can be arranged through the desk based on availability ($10 per hr.).
  • 4pm check out $40
  • 6pm check out $60
  • Later than 6pm is rack rate

There are courtesy rooms available for showering and changing for no additional charge. If you arrive before check in you will be given a bracelet and can use the facilities.

What is the electrical voltage?

Same as USA & Canada. 110-120

The AC and electricity in the room is activated through motion.Doors  In order to conserve energy, the electricity goes off when you  leave the premises. The AC also goes off if you open your slider door.

Doug UK suggests: A useful tip for European travellers. The sockets in the rooms also support 2 round pin plugs but NOT UK plugs.

Here is a handy chart showing each outlet from different countries. Thank you Juan J Mullin.








An adapter some travel with. (image below) It has been reported that the UK round pin will not fit in the the receptacles at the Riviera Maya Complex other than the one in the bathroom.










*Bring a power strip with extra outlet

Can I take a taxi from the resort ?

Yes, here are the rates from the resort to various places in the Riviera Maya.


Taxi rates

Is there a car rental service on the resort?

Yes at TRS & Colonial lobbies Europcar

I have booked through the resort. How do I contact the transfer company?

Best Day for CM, RM PC  52-998-113-1614

Best Day

Grayline for PV 1-849-200-1208

Best Day

Kiuki for Jamaica 1-876-426-4333



What are the laundry services?

The hotel provides next day laundry/pressing/dry cleaning services. However, this is charged per item per service, i.e. washing one cost, pressing another. It is advisable to pack accordingly or to use the Laundromat in Akumal.

Phone Service

There is a phone connection fee of $5 for ALL calls from your room (including 800 #s). It is advisable to buy a phone card in the lobby for use with the phones there, buy a Ladatel phone card in town or use your cell. Some cells do work in the area including Verizon and AT&T but you must have it activated at home before you leave.

Are there English television channels ?

Yes, there is a good variety of channels.

Internet Service

The free WiFi speed will be .5Mbps 512 kbps in the rooms, lobbies, bars etc. for basic emails, Skype.

  • Prices for Premium WiFi – 1 Mbps(1024kbps)
  • 1 day – 14.99 USD
  • 2 days – 24.99 USD
  • 3 days – 29.99 USD
  • 4 days – 59.99 USD

TRS Yucatan guests receive free premium WiFi

When staying at the TRS Yucatan, where can I find my butler ?

You will find your butler in each villa.  The butler(s) will give you their What’s App number to communicate daily. You can easily contact them that way and they will also keep in touch.

What can my butler do ?

Prior to arrival ( a week) email your butler for a “Wish list”. E Butler.  2021 Wish list

Your butler is there to help with any arrangements you may need to make. They will make dinner reservations, Chic, reservations, errands, unpack, book spa appointments, arrange a taxi or tour, they can help with most anything.

Is there a photographer on-site?

Yes. You can email them or visit them at White Sand lobby.  On-site photographer


You may change your currency for pesos at the front desk 24 hour per day.  To change currency or larger bills at the front desk you’ll need your passport. Sometimes the bellboys or bartenders can make change.


There are two ATMs, one is located in the Kantenah lobby and dispenses Pesos, the other is located in the Colonial lobby and dispenses USD. There is also one in TRS. Suggest using only the ATMs affiliated with the Santander bank.

Credit Cards

Visa, Mastercard, American Express accepted

What is the weather ?

Current Forecast

Is there a departure tax payable when travelling to Mexico ?

Most of the time this airport tax is included in the price of your ticket. Please check with your airline or check your airline ticket to make sure the tax is included. Depending on the exchange the tax is around $48.00 USD per person. There is a Q Roo Visitax which is not yet enforced (May 2024).  It can only be paid online. There is a Visitax website to pay this. Visitax There is also a secure site to pay this on Travelkore.  Visitax via Travelkore. ($18.80 pp)

What does the resort do in case of severe weather such as a hurricane ?

In case of an alarm, the resort has shelters available. Executive personnel and hotel management will inform guests of the measures and procedures established. Detailed information will be provided through channel 2 on your TV.
For more information click here: Grand Palladium Hurricane Policy 

What if a power failure occurs ?

In case of emergency, the resort has its own back-up power generators.

For more information click hereHurricane Preparedness

Medical Service

There is a doctor on site 24 hours per day. There is a flat fee for a doctor visit and additional fee if other services/prescriptions are needed. The hotel is part of an organization called HOSPITEN which is affiliated with a state of the art hospital in PDC and Cancun.

Does the resort have a defibrillator onsite ?

Yes, there is 1 located at the Colonial and 1 at the TRS.

What are the differences between the resorts?

Some room difference. . Guests can use amenities for all resorts except the TRS & Family Select which is for those guests only. The buffets are the same and amenities are equi-distance. The WS sides has bridges not found on the C/K side.

Types of Rooms

  • Colonial & Kantenah standard garden rooms: All of them with two double beds or a king size bed. C 1-7, K 41-47
  • Colonial has 8 rooms equipped for wheelchairs
  • Jr. Suites: All of them with two double beds or a king size bed and a sofa bed or chair. C 8,9,20, 21, K 48-51
  • Ambassador suites FS Kantenah 48 -51
  • Kantenah Signature suite 40
  • Kantenah Ambassador 50-51
  • Kantenah swim out Jr suites 48-51
  • Presidential Suites: For TC Guests.
  • Romance Bungalow: All of them have a king size bed. Outdoor shower. C 30-32 , WS 55, TRS Yucatan 72
  • Colonial Jr. Suites, Suites & Romance Bungalow have a hydro-massage tub or a shower/tub combo.
  •  White Sand have real jacuzzi and not hydro massage.
  • Suites/Jr. Suites (White Sand): 52, 53, 54,56,57,58, 59. Suites are on the corners.
  • Romance Bungalow/Cabanas (White Sand): 5501-2, 5503-4, 5505-6, 5507-8, 5509-10, 5511-12.
  • TRS Yucatan Romance Bungalow: 7201-2, 7203-4, 7205-6, 7207-8, 7209-10, 7211-12, 7213-14, 7215- 16, 7217-18, 7219-20, 7321-22

There are two types of bathrooms in these Jr. suite rooms; separate, enclosed and an open” concept with a Jacuzzi in the room. The Jr. suites in White Sand buildings 52-54 have the open concept, cabanas in 55 have separate bath with outdoor shower. 56 – 59 have separate enclosed bathrooms.

There is an adult only exclusive area at “TRS Yucatan”.61 – 72. The Royal Suites Yucatan (TRS)  consists of 11 buildings of Jr. Suites , Suites, Swimp up, and Master Suites some with a double jacuzzi by the terrace. The Jr. suites have the “open” bathroom concept. The Romance Suites are located in The Royal Suites Section 72. TRS Yucatan is only for adults. (18+) Only guests staying there , Family Select adults or select Travel Club members and VIPs are allowed to use the facilities there.

The Romance Bungalow (cabanas) in White Sand & Royal have kayaks included (may change due to lagoon conditions.)

TRS Room configuration: Junior Suites King Bed: Regular Sofa

Suites: Regular Sofa
Junior Suite Private Pool: Regular Sofa
Suite Private Pool: Regular Sofa or chair
Romance Bungalow: Regular Sofa
Junior Suite Double Beds: Sofa Bed or chair.

What do the different color bracelets represent ?

Red for repeat guests, travel agents & special occasions.

Purple for Kantenah, Colonial, White Sand guests.

Green for guests under 18.

White for Transat – Imperial Club guests

Black for Palladium Travel Club Members – TRS Yucatan guests

Blue for Travel Club Members, Kantenah, Colonial, White Sand guests.

Grey/black for VIPs, visiting Fiesta Managers, owner’s Friends, guests with 8 or more visits  (based on the  manager(s) discretion)

Gold with VIP and Travel Club Logo embossed on them’ for Travel Club Presidential, Presidential Ambassador and Signature level Members.

There will be 2 different colors of smart bracelets for TRS guests and PTC Members:

Grey for TRS regular guest
Black for TRS VIP

White for PTC regular member (coming soon)
Black for PTC VIP member(coming soon)

What are the bed dimensions?

The beds are the standard double (matrimonial) king Mexican dimensions.

Mexican bed dimensions

Can I make a room request before I leave?

Yes, make your requests here.

Upgrades are available based on occupancy and availability as follows:

GP Colonial & Kantenah

  • From Std to Junior suite
  • From Junior Suite to Mayan Suite
  • From Romance Bungalow(formerly Mayan Suite) to Presidential Suite

GP White Sand 

  • From Junior Suite to Suite
  • From Suite To Romance Bungalow

Note: Suites between the resorts are different. The suite’s at the Col/Kan are larger. Size is like two Junior Suites in size.

Can I upgrade my room at check in ?

All upgrades are subject to availability at time of check in. Prices may change.

  • Standard to Jr. Suite cost $50 USD per room per night for Colonial, Kantenah.
  • Standard to Romance Bungalow cost $ 125 USD per room per night for  Colonial, Kantenah, White Sand
  • Jr Suite to Mayan Suite cost $ $75 USD per room per night for  Colonial, Kantenah, White Sand
  • Standard (C,K) to Suite in White Sand cost $110 USD per room per night.
  • Jr. Suite to Suite in White Sand cost $60 USD per room per night.
  • Standard (C,K) to Romance Bungalow in White Sand cost $200 USD per room per night.
  • Jr. Suite to Romance Bungalow in White Sand cost $150 USD per room per night.
  • Upgrade to TRS  cost $ 150 per room per night depending on which category you have originally reserved. Prices will vary.
  • All prices are subject to change.

Upgrades within TRS (price: lobster, special breakfast menus may change)

  • Jr suite to suite jacuzzi terrace $120 per night
  • To Romance Bungalow $150 per night
  • To suite Private pool $200 per night
  • To Premium Services $100 per night (includes 4 bottles of liquor, Bali Bed, free admission to CHIC or Bravo or BINGO, upgraded room fridge, 1 day of hydrotherapy)

We suggest booking your preferred choice of room at time of booking whenever possible.

Will repeat guests receive any special “benefits”?

There is a new (December 2020) “point” reward system.  Palladium rewards

We have tried to publicize everything that is “official” In the past, repeat guest benefits were not”official”although there are some rough guidelines.

Guests who have been 8 or more times (RM), 10 or more times (PC) may get a gold/blak bracelet which entitles them to unlimited a la carte reservations and access to TRS.  Gold/black bracelets are given at management’s discretion.

None of these are cast in stone and there may be additional amenities such as flowers, champagne,etc for an anniversary or other special occasion. We always suggest you book the room you want so there will be no disappointment. Guests may also order special amenities for a cost.

Can I purchase the bathrobes ?

Yes, you can only buy them at Grand Palladium or Zentropía and have a cost of 1062 mS pesos.

 Smile Services

The staff strive to provide a “WOW” factor for some special events. In the meantime,  contact Guest Services or your butler for special events.

Where are the Guest Services located

There are 2 Guest Services desks located in the White Sand lobby.

What ala Cartes are available?

All guests have access to unlimited ala cartes at eight restaurants in the RM. All guests are required to make reservations either through the App APP or Guest Services. The TRS & FS guests may reserve ahead of time through their butler.   Any party of eleven or more must select a fixed menu for their group 24 hours in advance. in one of these restaurants:

  • “It is necessary for group reservations for more than 10 people, i.e., 11 and up, to ask for a table to the a la carte restaurants. If the group is 11 or more people and they want to eat all together at the same table they need to reserve at the guest service desk with a SET MENU, which means you have to choose the same menu for everybody (same entry, main course and dessert). Only these restaurants accept groups: La Adelita – Mexican, Thai, Portofino – Italian, Opavao – Brazilian – . For groups children and adults are considered  the same for us.” Bravo 800 MX pesos per adult.
    For Poseidon, Sumptuori show table  – book the day before with guest services.
  • Lobster: There is a charge of $1180 MX pesos.

Beach BBQ (Not being offered since Covid)

As schedule changes based on resort occupancy; ask when you check in, check the App, bulletin boards or stop by Guest Services for scheduled days. Guests can make the reservations from one day before until the same day before 1:30PM. 

Does the resort have a food allergy program?

Yes. Mention your allergy(ies) at check in. You may also talk to the chef at each restaurant. Here are the cards the resort gives out.


Chic Cabaret

Offering a fun evening consisting of dinner and a show from 8 pm with pre & post parties.

NEW POLICY 1/1/2023

With the promise of continuing to offer a unique and unforgettable experience at Chic Cabaret & Restaurant – our show-dinner restaurant with a 3 hour show and more than 25 artists on stage – we would like to inform you that as of January 1, 2023 it will be necessary to make a reservation in order to attend the show, with a cost per person of $45 USD. With this reservation you are guaranteed a place, and we will ensure optimal development of both the show and the dinner.

This fee will be charged to the room at the time of booking a Chic Cabaret & Restaurant reservation, and will be paid at check-out before leaving the hotel. Guests are not required to pay this fee when attending the show.

For guests of Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts, Family Selection and the general public, Chic Cabaret & Restaurant is available at a cost of $100 USD plus the $45 USD reservation fee per person.
For external clients that are not guests of the resorts, Chic Cabaret & Restaurant is available at a cost of $100 USD plus the $45 USD reservation fee per person.

Chic Cabaret & Restaurant  experience is provied to our TRS Hotels customers with a $35 reservation fee. With this reservation fee we hope to continue to enhance the experience of our guests.

PLEASE NOTE : The dress code for TRS restaurants is the same as GP, long pants or dress shorts, shirts with long or short sleeves and also nice sandals are allowed.

However for Chic, the dress code required is long pants and closed toe shoes.(no flip flops)

The butlers are advising the guests about this dress code.

What are the dress codes ?

Do Men need to wear long pants to ala cartes ?

No, Men now enjoy a relaxed dress code in Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta and Punta Cana. The exception is in the Chic Theater at TRS which requires men wear long pants & closed toe shoes.


What non-motorized water sports are available?

Kayaks, hobie cats, sunfish, scuba lessons in pool, snorkeling equipment, padle boats and boards

What is the on-site dive shop? Is it a separate company? What does it offer?

Aqua Excursions, yes separate company from Palladium. Scuba diving, deep sea fishing, snorkel tours, motorized water sports all for an additional fee.

ThisBeach Wheel Chair RM beach wheel chair is available from the dive center located on the Colonial beach. There is no charge, you must present ID and your room key to sign it out. It is for use only at the beach. Special thanks to Paula for this information.



What other non-water sports are available?

Land and water aerobics, pool and beach volleyball, table tennis, dancing lessons, darts, archery, riflery, min-golf, tennis (6 courts), badminton, Spanish lessons. The new multi-purpose sports court offers volleyball, football, basketball, soccer pitch with artificial grass and a mini soccer pitch with artificial grass.


Is there a fitness center & Spa?

Large Gym with two different areas: one offering a variety of weight lifting machines and the other for aerobics. Lockers and dressing rooms offered. Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam Bath.

The exquisite marble spa is huge and is probably one of the most spectacular spas in Mexico. There is a $50 per day fee. Effective 1/2/22 TRS guests will be charged $35. There will be no charge for those paying for services. The spa features winding pools, whirlpools, 17 indoor massage cabins, outdoor massage cabins (great for midnight massages), Spa treatments available for an additional charge at Zentropia Spa. Different cosmetic treatments and massages, Hairdresser, Eco Meditation, Temascal ‘Mayan Sauna,’ Foot bath, Cold bath and Balinese Bath.

There is no daily charge to use the spa when a service is purchased.

Spa price list


Is there a kids club? Ages?

Yes, enclosed Club near the pool and main beach. Kids 1¬12 are welcome from 9am  daily.  There is a new kids water park near the kids club for ages 4-16. There is also a shallow kiddy pool. Kids eco-tours of the resort are included. Evening programs begin in the Theater for kids at 8 pm. Wednesday morning Breakfast with Raggs is not to be missed. Must be booked. See the App PHG APP

There is a Black and White Junior Club for teens located on Kantenah with age appropriate activities and a Wed. night dinner.

What languages are spoken at the kids club ?

English, Spanish, German and French

Is there an age limit for archery & rifle shooting

Yes. Lolo says, ” The age for rifle shooting and archery is 12 with Mum or Dad. After 19 they can do it alone. Greetings. Lolo”

Is there babysitting available

” The baby sitting service that we have at the resort, has to be requested one day in advance, and has a cost of 15 usd for per child per hour.

Please contact our Guest Relations staff upon arrival to get more details about it.”

Is it possible to rent a baby stroller, car seat?

Yes. Check this site.  Baby equipment

What is there to do if we have a rainy day ?

The resort offers many fun activities in the event of a rainy day. See schedule here:  Rainy Day Schedule

Is there a sport’s bar?

Yes, the sports bar is off the Colonial lobby and shows major sports events. It also serves food in the evening. The Sports Bar is currently opened 24 hours per day.

You must have on dry clothing and footwear to enter the sports bar.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes. The water is purified several times via an osmosis purification system and is safe. Bottled water is provided in the mini-fridges.

Does the resort offer a Catholic Mass?

Yes, located next to the Colonial lobby in the church, La Iglesia De Nuestra Senora De Las Nieves on  Sunday at 11 am. Masses are added at Christmas & Easter.

Does the Resort Provide Day passes? 

Day Pass:

  • 9am thru 6 pm $100 US
  • Children 3 – 17 yrs: 50% off

Night Pass:

  • 6pm to 2 am $110 US
  • Children 3 – 17 yrs: 50% off

You do not need to pre-book, upon arrival ask at front desk. Procedure from Guest Services:

Day pass is available for people not staying at the property, to use the pools, buffets, bars and common areas, here in Riviera Maya and also at Costa Mujeres Cancun, the procedure is to arrive at the front desk and pay for it, they need to leave an ID and at the end they have to come back and take the bracelet off and receive the ID back, the time here at Riviera Maya is from 9am to 6pm day pass and night pass from 6pm to 2am, the rates in Riviera Maya are Day pass 100 USD per adult and night pass 110 USD per adult.”

What is there for kids to do ? 

The Palladium Hotel Group has implemented a wonderful family program. There is something for children of all ages to do, please refer to our Palladium Kids Page for more details.


What is Imperial Club ?

Imperial Club is a offered exclusively to those who book an Imperial Club room with Transat Holidays. Here is a list of some of the included perks that come with this.

  • Premium brand drinks; Separate check in at club desk; Distinct identification bracelet; Welcome gift and letter; Fruit basket upon arrival; Concierge service; Private cocktail party. Please refer to Transats website for a full list and any changes that may occur.

Resort Credits

These are like coupons.  You must spend money to use them. Here are some uses:

100usd for Upgrades

250usd for promo code (accommodation)

20usd Private shuttle service

50usd for Romantic dinners

10usd for wine bottles x4 (total of 40usd, you can only apply 10usd per bottle not the total 40usd on the same bottle)

30usd for premium wine bottle

50usd on massage service x4 (total of 200usd, you can only apply 50usd per massage not the total 200usd on the same massage)

60usd for exclusive spa package

20usd for beauty spa x2 (total of 40usd, you can only apply 20usd per service not the total 40usd on the same service)

30usd for Spa store x2 (total of 60usd, you can only apply 30usd per purchase not the total 40usd on the same purchase)

40usd for Guess sunglasses store

40usd for Ray-Ban sunglasses

10usd for Quicksilver clothing store x2

10usd for Oakley clothing store x2

10usd for Ingear clothing store

30usd for Mina Alvarez leather bags store x2

10usd for Tequila patron store

25usd for American Touristar store

30usd for photography shop

30usd for rent a car

30usd for scuba diving

50usd for jewelry credit x2


  • Official language is Spanish.
  • You must have a current passport to enter Mexico.
  • Immigration forms are no longer needed.
  • Minors travelling alone need authorization from parents or guardians and signed by a notary.
  • Countries that do not require a visa to enter Mexico are:
    Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden. Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela.The remaining countries require a visa, which can be obtained from the Mexican embassy in those countries.
  • The official currency is the Mexican peso, although US dollars are accepted in most of the country.
  • Hospitals are private; therefore, it is recommended to take out travel insurance.
  • According to the Ministry of Health in Mexico and all other countries, no specific vaccinations are required to enter the country. The tropical climate means that there are a great many insects, so it is recommended to take insect repellent and be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B.Precautions must be taken with drinking water and bottled mineral water is recommended.

Forms needed to enter Mexico


If you have any questions please feel free to ask on our forum.





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