“Holidays with your significant other or the family often means much more than relaxing, visiting the sights, photographing exotic landscapes or enjoying entertainment. These kinds of activities are the norm on any getaway, but it is always possible to add that special touch, making for an even more unique trip in a matter of minutes: a surprise.

Thinking of our customers and how to make their trip unique, Palladium Hotel Group has created an exclusive surprises department for the establishments under the Palladium Hotels & Resorts brand in the Americas. “The main purpose of the Smile Services team is to organise surprises or special treats for guests during their stay, ideal for anyone looking to play a joke in good taste or celebrate an anniversary, honeymoon, birthday or special event. The aim is to surprise our guests and put an unforgettable smile on their faces”, explains Felipe Martínez Verde, Palladium Hotels & Resorts’ Director of Operations for the Americas.

This way, a marriage proposal, birthday celebration, reunion with a friend, wedding anniversary or dinner by the sea can become that much more special. “Our team is very attentive to what guests convey to staff so, for example, if we find out that a couple is celebrating their wedding anniversary, the staff go out of their way to give them a special surprise. They are not selected beforehand, it’s spontaneous, and this makes it all the more of a surprise”, adds Mr Martínez Verde. The information made available to staff is key because, based on this, the hotel team and management can decide who will become the next ‘victim’. Examples of a Smile Service can include surprising a guest with a birthday cake on the beach, playing a prank with a hidden camera, serenading a couple or preparing a romantic surprise dinner by the sea for a wedding anniversary, among many other possibilities.

The Smile Services department was created to highlight the outstanding customer service that the company strives to provide guests. This spontaneous service does not incur any additional cost and, while our team of experts will do everything they can to attend to specific requests made by guests, it should be noted that most surprises are planned out well in advance and that it is not possible to organise more than two or three per day, meaning that not all can be fulfilled.

Everything is prepared automatically to ensure total surprise: a series of clues placed throughout the complex can lead to a marriage proposal for a couple, or a string of coded messages can end in a joke between friends or a surprise birthday celebration. Surprises can also be organised in conjunction with other celebrations, for example, International Hug Day. “The motto of the hotel chain is ‘turning guests into fans’, aiming to provide a truly unforgettable holiday experience, while guests enjoy their stay at Palladium Hotels & Resorts establishments. Smile Services departments are already up and running in the Palladium Hotels & Resorts establishments in Punta Cana, the Mayan Riviera and the Riviera Nayarit, and one will be opening soon in Jamaica. Plus, thanks to the great reception of these initiatives from guests so far, we are currently working on extending it to our hotel in Brazil, thereby establishing Smile Services departments at all of our hotels in the Americas”, concludes Mr Martínez Verde.”

Article source : Palladium Hotel Group


How does the Smile Services work ?

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding Smile Services.

Can you tell me more about this new smile service please?

Is the new department that is responsible for making unexpected surprises to customers

Is there a cost ?


Who comes up with the idea or plan for the special arrangements ?

 We will investigate if someone who is at home we can surprise

How far in advance does someone need to contact you?

One month before when you are at home and then when you are here in the hotel contact me again

Which resorts are offering this service  ?

Now only Riviera Maya, Dominican Republic And Vallarta

Contact (s) ?

 Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resorts

Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres / TRS Coral

Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resorts

Grand Palladium Puerto Vallarta

Grand Palladium Jamaica /Lady Hamilton

A big thank you goes out to Guillermo Orlando Maldonado Duarte ( Memo) for providing these answers.

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