So impressed was she with the Grand Palladium, following her original family trip in 2003, Cape Cod Anne returned home and founded the Unofficial Palladium site. This site was the first of its kind dedicated to the Palladium resorts. Over the years the site has grown to include information on the Palladium Hotel Group’s hotels in Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Brazil, Spain and other resorts worldwide. We were excited to follow the expansion of the Palladium into Sicily and Menorca in 2020 and now the new Family Select in Riviera Maya.The site enjoys a loyal international following, and has contributed to creating many new and lasting friendships.

Anne and her chocolate Lab live near the beach on the East Coast of the US. She and her daughter Abby enjoy rendezvousing at various Palladium locations. They have been to the Palladium RM many times and spent several Christmas weeks at the TRS Turquesa, TRS Yucatan & more recently TRS Coral. They have also traveled together over Christmas & NY to GP Jamaica. Abby has visited the former Royal Suites Punta de Mita, Palladium Palace Ibiza and Ushuai Ibiza.

Proud to be a 100 % not for profit website : Unofficial Palladium is proud to be a not for profit website. You won’t see any annoying ads by google or other pop ups to clutter the pages you are viewing. We work hard to keep things current and are very grateful for all of the support we receive in the form of pictures, information and updates from all of our members both here and on the Facebook group. We can’t thank the Palladium staff and management enough for keeping us posted with new information.

Together we grow, together we create a wonderful community, willing to help one another in the planning of our next Palladium or TRS vacation.

We hope you will enjoy the website as much as we do.



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