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Grand Palladium
Created By: Mark and Sherry on Sunday, November 4th, 2007

I researched various Riviera May resorts starting in February, 2007, landed at this site and booked the trip.

I want to stress how important it was to know some basic Spanish. Most of the staff are bi-lingual but mainly regarding menu, the resort or things they will do daily. If you want to have any casual conversation or need to know anything beyond the resort, you will need to know some basic Spanish. Here are some helpful free sites:



but you will have to pay for the course, depending on how serious you want to get.

My favorite

Take 20-30 minutes per day before the trip. I always did a few at work, a bunch at home. I became a hit at the resort, I started to ask the staff where they lived, about the family etc. Once they found out I was not the typical gringo we had a great laugh. The hostesses at the White Sands buffet found out and started teaching me more words or sayings every time I was there.

Be careful with some of the courses, Spanish in Spain is somewhat different than Spanish in Mexico, don’t worry the staff and locals smile and with a smile correct you.

Nos Vemos, Mayawanabee

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