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    By Loke

    TRS,CHIC, AGI & More

    March 2018

    This was visit #10 to the GPRM & the 11th to a GP for a total of 20 weeks. Our last visit was in 2015 & even though we were completely happy with the resort we have noticed several improvements in services & the food especially on the TRS side.

    We book AGI for our transfers & what a great way to start our vacation. Excellent & prompt service both ways. AGI gives a discount to UP members, gracias Javier.

    We were warmly welcomed by the front desk staff & then Flory & Carolina came out to greet us, very nice for them to do that at such a late hour. We received gold bracelets, gracias GP. We always book a Kantenah Mayan suite & no regrets there. We truly appreciated the welcome mat set out in our room, champagne on ice, flowers, a fruit basket, appetizers & towel art. Wow! We arrived about 10pm so quickly went to the Colonial buffet before going to our room.

    We found many of our friends from previous visits & hugs all around. We met many new staff who were eager to greet their guests.

    We love the beach & always find a palapa for shade. We had many windy days so snorkeling was not the best this year. Sargassum is a huge problem all along the Mayan coast. The resort worked every day all day hauling this weed away. An endless task. On the last day of our stay a huge front end loader & 3 gravel trucks were brought in to help. The smaller trucks continued to work near the WS gazebo.

    There are not as many animals about as previous years but people are still feeding them even though it is forbidden. Just as bad people are feeding fish in the ocean which attracts big flocks of birds overhead! Not sure what they are thinking on this account?

    TRS, CHIC, AGI & More

    We thoroughly appreciated & enjoyed the privileges the gold bracelet allowed us. It is a 15 minute walk from the Kantenah side to the TRS side & even further to Helios. There are more carts available now but we usually chose to walk. We loved dining in the TRS a la cartes which is more relaxing in a quieter environment. We still enjoyed the Colonial & WS buffets a few times. On the TRS side, Capricho was a great option for breakfast with lots of choices as per Anne’s trip report. We enjoyed great meals at Helios for lunch. We had delicious dinners at El Gaucho, La Boheme, & Tentazion. Service at Helios one evening was very slow but maybe this was an off night as lunches were served promptly. When we returned to our room each night, appetizers had been left for us & they were lovely.

    Chic Cabaret is excellent & first class. My husband & I attended Chic & then I went with Anne a second night & enjoyed the performance both times. The menu is fixed & did not really suit our palate, ie foie gras, eel, & duck terrine. The steak filet was perfect. All the courses have excellent presentation & quick service. I’m not sure how they could serve all those courses as smoothly as they do if there was an option. Maybe there could be a choice of menu #1 or #2 when you book your ticket & given a coloured card to put on your table?? We hated to waste food & left a bit hungry. The servers are running for 3 hours straight & then find the energy to dance at the end. The hostesses & servers are to be commended for their participation in the finale & did a great job too.

    Martine continued to entertain us at Hemingways & the TRS lobby. Gracias to Martine for remembering us & playing a special song for us every time.

    The grand finale for us was Anne’s arrival for her much deserved long weekend. We had our usual good visits & laughs. Her visit was short & sweet but a wonderful surprise at the last minute. Until next time……

    Also it was a pleasure to meet Brenda on our last night.

    I did not mention staff names because everyone works very hard & always gave us great service. My husband kept saying they need more than 4 days off in a month. Maybe some day that will happen.

    Mucho gracias to Anne for this wonderful site & because of it we became friends. Gracias to Brenda for all her input. Gracias to the GPRM management & all their wonderful staff. We’ll be back !!

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    Gracias Louise. Looking forward to Part 2.

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    Great report ! It sounds like you had a good vacation.

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