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    Jessica wrote:

    The Unico Resort is A lot smaller than the Palladium .

    The Pros :
    • Great food!
    • Great Drinks!
    • Large main Pool
    • Clean rooms and nice room design/ decor. ( modern/ Rustic decor)
    •Comfortable rooms
    •Turn down service
    • Great spa

    Cons :
    • Lacking the Entertainment.

    (Poor beach -aded by Anne)

    When I went to UNICO I went in a group of 12 people . Eight of us were between mid 20’s – early 30’s age range and the other four people were Early to Mid 50’s.

    My husband and I typically go to GPRM alone and are use to all the day time and evening entertainment at GP . That’s a big reason we like the GP and for its size . You never get bored at GP .

    Going from a Huge Resort to a smaller resort is little harder to adjust to but because we went with a large group we entertained ourselves during the day.

    During the morning the main pool is pretty relaxed with a Dj playing mellow music . Around noon the Dj plays some upbeat music to liven things up. On one of the days they did have a short 20 min pop show of break dancers perform at the pool and a game of water polo and a pool party at the “quite” pool.
    The other days it was pretty relaxed . Which wasn’t a bad thing.

    There are no shows there. In the evening they have a live band play in the lounge after dinner and around midnight they have a Dj .

    They do have random mixology and cooking classes during the day too.

    Overall, I did like UNICO and it’s a great place to relax with great food and drinks. Plus is right next door to GP . So you still feel close to home!:)

    It all depends on what you are looking for. If you want a elegant but more relaxed trip then UNICO is great for that!

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