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      TRS Yucatan

      12 th trip to GP, 11 th to GPRM, 1 st to TRS

      This trip was to celebrate our 50 th anniversary with our daughter & son & their partners.  To make the trip extra special our good friend Anne joined us for the first half of our stay. Also our son & his wife were celebrating their 9 th anniversary that took place at the WS gazebo.  One night our room was decorated with rose petals & champagne on ice.  Thank you to the staff.  Tip, pick up the rose petals before opening the bed sheets, I saw a housekeeper in the adjacent room on her hands & knees picking up petals off that hard marble floor.  I felt so bad for her.

      On our flight down I developed food poisoning from breakfast sausage & had stomach issues before I arrived at the resort which remained during our stay. On return home I found out I had salmonella!  Lesson learned, no more airplane food.  Luckily my husband declined the breakfast.  Our flight was delayed one hour, then 1.5 hours in immigration at Terminal 3. Immigration cards were handed out on our flight .  Got the green light & found Mario from AGI still holding up our name.  Moses was our driver to & from the resort, great driver, perfect English.  We got a 10 % discount being a UP member. Thanks Anne & Javier.  Our son & daughter each booked AGI also & very pleased with their service. Anne was waiting to greet us even though she had been up since 3 am & it was now 9:30 pm!  Big hugs & off to our room for a quick orientation.  We loved the new decor & some of the new features, ie TRS bracelets with a chip for our room key, perfect, also the red/green light to show if we were in the room.  Even though we had received gold bracelets on our last several visits giving us TRS perks we were very happy we chose to book TRS & are forever spoiled. The rooms are lovely, we liked the location & it was easy to get a cart to the Kantenah beach.  The cart drivers are more than eager to take one anywhere & stop to offer rides whenever we walked.

      We were in a junior suite in bldg 70, good location for us. Our son & daughter each in bldg 67 & were upgraded to a royal suite. Gracias management.  Our butlers were David & Edgar & were excellent, always asking if we needed anything & only asked them to book dinner reservations & our Chic tickets.

      We enjoyed all our meals at the TRS a la cartes. We booked the Sumptori cooking show one night, great food & great fun.  Our son & his wife ate at Poisidon one night,  they noticed a few raccoons but they were not up on the tables.  Room service was very good, prompt & efficiently served.  Chic is a fantastic show but the menu is not to our liking. Maybe there could be red cards to show the server if you want to decline a certain course. If we told our server no thank you, another server would notice the empty place & quickly place a dish in front of us. We hated to waste food.  The servers work very hard & quickly to make the whole dining experience run smoothly.  We also loved Helios & Caprichio.  The greeters at all the restaurants do a great job & how they remember guests is amazing.  After Anne left they would ask where is your friend, where is Miss Anne?  Our son’s friend who met Anne 9 years ago at the wedding asked if he would be seeing Palladium Anne.  She is so kind & friendly to everyone she is easy to remember.

      The staff at the TRS lobby & patio & all the bars work tirelessly to please their guests as well as the staff at the a la cartes.  They deserve more than one day off a week.  My husband always tells Filiberto that he hopes the union will one day offer more time off to the staff.

      Once again our family enjoyed snorkeling & this year it was better than we’ve seen in all our trips.  The first day there was a lot of coral as you entered the ocean but much less after that.  Not sure if it washed away or if the tractors also cleaned it up.  Our daughter slipped on some coral even though she wore water shoes causing a fractured metatarsal. This didn’t set her back too much & she continued to swim. Her SO found crutches to be had for a small deposit.  The staff treated her extra special, elevating her foot on pillows at meals, bringing ice packs etc.  When I wasn’t feeling well many offers were made for a remedy, ie Jacinto’s medicine of fernet & lime, Marlene made chamomile tea with lemon & honey, cold cloth when I had a fever , Martha mixed pepsi, fernet & lime & said drink all of it!   So very very kind, management should be proud.

      The ocean was extra warm this year so not sure if it was a factor but our son contacted sea lice, the first we’ve encountered in 12 years.  The rash is very itchy so a diluted vinegar wash, Benadryl creme & an antihistamine were in order.  This will not deter us from the ocean but just be prepared if you develop a rash.  The sargassum was much less than last year & the resort continues to clean this up daily.

      Our kids found it very disappointing to notice few folks were tipping.  We felt good about taking extra cash to share with these hard working people who always seem to be happy & caring.  We’ve known a lot of the staff for many years & I am always reluctant to mention names knowing I will miss someone.  We’ve know Jacinto Cauich since 2007, he now works at El Riconcito, Mayra Coba poured the champagne at our son’s wedding in 2009.  Many others, Marlene, Wendy, Martha, Tania, Diana, Rene, David, Edgar, Guadalupe, Gabriola, Lourdes, Sylvia, Fernie, Lucy, Roberto, Laura, Karen, Gretal, Gabriella, Enrique, all the cart drivers, greeters, servers, housekeepers & so on.  Some of the staff were trainees & doing very well.

      The kids took a snorkel tour to Akumal & seeing only one turtle as there were so many boats about it disrupted the experience. Then followed by a swim in a cenote which they enjoyed.

      The salt water pool is a little bit of haven for TRS guests since there is no water front beach on this side.  We only wish there was more shade in this area. One eager staff was moving the heavy umbrellas around to help those who wanted shade.  He said many umbrellas had been destroyed by high winds recently so I’m sure more will be brought in.  The infinity pool is lovely but can be very hot in this area for us.  We had no trouble finding loungers at any time of day, even at Kantenah beach even in the shade.

      All I can say is this resort is our home away from home partly because it is so beautiful  & the lovely  jungle setting but mostly due to the amazing staff.  Some of the staff call us their abuelos, what an honor & yes we are old enough.  Gracias to everyone & thanks to Anne for her friendship & the Unofficial Palladium site. It was due to this site that we found the GPRM in 2007 & we will return.



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