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    A bit of info before I write my trip report otherwise my report will be too long.

    1.  Cancun Airport, Terminal 3.  Arrivals, no improvement in this area. Departures, much improved since we last departed from this terminal a few years ago. ie more food choices.

    2.  Immigration Cards were handed out on AC, WJ & AT.  3 couples traveled with 3 different airlines.

    3.  Wifi worked well throughout the resort & we kept in touch with our family by texting.

    4.  Sea weed not nearly as bad as last year but continues to be a problem. The men work tirelessly all day to clear the sargassum.

    5. Our 11 th visit to GPRM & this was the first time we had an issue with sea lice.  Our son  encountered this on our last day.  The only one in our group of 6 & we all snorkeled together. A diluted vinegar wash & hydrocortisone creme gave him relief. The ocean was much warmer this year so not sure if thus was a factor.

    6. No problem finding lounge chairs at Kantenah beach at any time of day in the sun or shade. Also noticed many open lounge chairs in the TRS area but we never sit there.

    7. Towel cards are back for non TRS guests.  Someone asked our son to get towels for them when they noticed his TRS bracelet.  He kindly declined.


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    Sorry to hear of K’s exposure to sea lice. That is rare, especially at this time of year. Hope he is better. For the info of others here is an article

    Sea Lice

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    It is rare.  Just bad luck & wouldn’t keep us out of the ocean another time.

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