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    By Steven Gelb

    I’m usually not one that finds the time to write reviews, but plan to for TRS Yucatan. Today was our last day of a 1 week trip to TRS.

    I don’t travel quite as much as many of you – my gf and I have been to a half dozen all inclusives over the past 3 years. Each was better than the last.
    TRS stands tall among the rest. Echoing what many others have said, the level of luxury and opulence was unexpected (even after reading hundreds of reviews).

    The grounds are immaculate. It’s renovated, but for all intent and purposes appears to be new. The food for the most part is wonderful (we tried a couple of restaurants off campus, but preferred to stay at TRS because everything at TRS was of a different caliber). The people – oh my god – wow – hospitality was on another level. Kudos. Can’t brag enough about the people that make TRS what it is.
    Look out for Ramos and Marcos at the Helios bars – friendly, amazing, drinks made to perfection —— add as many generous comments as you’d like to this short list because these gentlemen deserve them.

    Fernanda on the TRS beach was attentive,
    considerate and had a down right adorable personality.

    Our last night at the Helios restaurant we were served by Israel. I’m mentioning him because I still remember his name (but our waiters were generally all wonderful). He was great – you won’t get this level of attention/service stateside.
    Again, I’m not one to write reviews so I’ll cut this short (though I’ll try write something more robust on trip advisor since they deserve it).

    Conclusion: Mind blowing. Earth altering. Week in paradise. I don’t know when – but we will be back.

    Thank you to all who have contributed to this community and made our trip even better than it would’ve been without you 🙂

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