Packing List by the Unofficial Palladium Forum friends

Updated August 2015 


Before leaving practice some basic Spanish (From Mayawanabee) and/ or “Spanglish”(from Laura Map Chick). Bring a smile and a few words of Spanish.

Pre Trip Planning


 If you’d like to add something to our list log on and click on “Comment” at the end of this.


Personal items:


Bring prescriptions in original containers in carry-on


LOTS of suntan lotion in various SPFs. Eco friendly or biodegradable sunscreen for snorkeling or scuba diving in the reefs. Try Caribbean Solutions.  Kit Kat says: Hi – we buy our biodegradable sunscreen from Amazon.  


A large bottle of “after sun”, i.e. “aloe” or ”the stuff made by Good Earth”


Mosquito repellant

Lip balm with high SPF

 **handy-wipes for hands or liquid hand sanitizer** Loke likes Oil of Olay face/hand wipes

A “travel first aid kit” Band Aides, butterfly bandages, Neosporin or Bacitran, Hydrocortisone Cream, alcohol wipes. liquid band aids…. Tylenol, Baby Tylenol. Prescriptions in “original” bottles.

Immodium and/or Pepto and/or Acidolphilus just in case

Liquid soap, and bar soap (resort provides little ones

Shampoo/conditioner/de frizz (resort provides little one)


Some ones $$ or small pesos bills for tipping (US or pesos) (Currently best to use pesos 8/2015)

From John & Carolyn UK: A small amount of dollars in low denominations for tipping. ( £200 for example) * We then bring a larger amount of Peso’s in cash changed in the UK ( the room safes are very secure) *travellers chq’s – bring sterling not dollar = or you will pay once in the UK, and then again in mexico to exchange. you are better exchanging outside of resort, but not a massive difference. the lobby will only give you peso’s for travellers chq’s, hence why you are better bringing sterling chq’s hope this helps

The resort accepts credit cards


Ladies, mix n match shorts, capris, skirts, nice tops. Sundresses for ala cartes

**Assortment of comfortable sandals. (Rotate to avoid blisters.) Regarding shoes, you don’t need running shoes unless you plan to run, go to the gym or do Segway. I brought them last time for the gym and because I walk several miles a day. You don’t need water shoes unless you’re going our on the White Sand beach. i.e. one or two pair of flip flops, a pair of dress shoes (ladies), 


Lightweight sweater or jacket for cool evenings. I also bring a shawl for evenings.


Two or more bathing suits

Cover ups for breakfast & lunch, Mix n Match.


**(men) long trousers for the ala cartes  (some bring zip off pants).**

Handy tips

One or more of Laura’s maps.

“Color” copies of passports, credit cards

List of emergency phone #s / email addies

***A notebook to take notes for a trip report!!***

 Post it notes to leave a note for housekeeping or fridge person


 An international calling card to call home. Some people bring cell phones. Verizon, AT&T work well but call you carrier ahead of time.


Inexpensive beach towels for off-site trips (Not necessary on resort)

Bubba mug


Loke:  Night light for bathroom


Threesons: Packing cubes, shower cap(s) for sandy shoes, dryer sheets for musty smells/closet/luggage


Doglover: blanket for plane


Boatchick: Citronella candle for deck

John&Family UK:…..   Maglite– 2 reasons. (1) there are fabulous animals in the resort that we love to catch a glimpse of in the mangroves whilst walking to/ from dinner. Being quite jumpy i like to light up the undercover walkways if they aren’t lit (most are) just in case there is a monkey or lizard in there. Also- there can be lots of internal traffic on the main internal road eg golf buggys, laundry vans, guest trains etc. Our toddlers and their torches soon warn them we are crossing the road. Maglites are great as fit perfectly in the handbag.  

 A liter of wine for the room. (Some people suggest a carton.)

Zip lock bags in various sizes (for things like suntan lotion). Very handy.

A beach bag

Hats (From PattiM) “my favorite is my Tilly hat. It floats if it falls off in the water, dries quickly, and has a handy little storage compartment in the crown of the hat! I put my room card & towel card in there…love my Tilly!! 


Beach reads

Extra camera memory card/batteries

**Power strip with extra outlets** or

Hairdryer? (There is one in the room but you may want a more powerful one

Umbrella or poncho

A small wallet to carry tip money

water shoes and snorkel equipment

Fabreeze (Not usually needed at P) Three sons brings a small container.

inexpensive inflatable beach tubes 

a small cosmetic-type bag or something to hold your room key and some change

A carton of Parmalat milk or half n half for coffee in room

Some people prefer to bring their own washcloths – some provided

Kern & Doglover love their Itsa towels  


For Kids:

Beach toys for the little kids.


Inflatable beach tubes

Portable DVD player & DVDs for kids’ “downtime” (Royal rooms have them now.)


Note if you or your kids need life jackets it is best to either purchase some inflatable ones and bring them or go to Walmart once you’re there and purchase some inexpensive jackets. The resort limits the usage.





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