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        I am told that there is a 15% discount for Punta Cana in June. Does anyone know if there is likely to be a bigger discount in the near future? I’m wondering because now you cannot change your reservation to get a better deal. In my opinion, Travel Club members should always get the lowest price possible.

        I can’t wait till June!

        Thanks! 🙂

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          Of course, there is no telling whether there will be better offers or not.

          I posted the following on the Unofficial Palladium Travel Club Members Group:

          “I just received a response from the Ecommerce manager for PTC regarding the terms and conditions for reservations:

          “Terms and Conditions:

          Valid only for new bookings
          Modifications can’t combine original promo
          Cancelations are subject to availability and rooms are not guarantee with the same offer
          Travel dates and booking Windows are mandatory”

          What does all this mean? Most importantly, cancelations being subject to availability and s talking about canceling and rebooking. Under this situation, PTC will not guarantee that upon canceling in order to get the new promotion that the same room category will be available for rebook because a different sales entity could sell take that room upon cancellation. Also, you can’t combine the original promo with the new promotion.

          All reservations under the promotion must comply with the booking dates contained in the promotion and be made during the booking window.”

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