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    Rochelle wrote

    We just came back from our first ever visit at GPRM. This group helped me so much, so I made my daily Facebook posts about our fun experiences public, and I hope that it will give other families counting down the days something to look forward to, and also give you an idea of what an average day at GPRM was like for us with 2 kids.
    Please note it was written for my friends, and not intended for a public site like this, so sorry if some of it is irrelevant or simply TMI ;)But there are lots of photos and videos to salivate over! We were also there over Easter, and I couldn’t find much info about what to expect on the site.
    We stayed in the Colonial side, for 7 days, and our kids are 10 and 13 years old. Feel free to ask questions about our experiences 🙂
    Day 1: http://bit.ly/GPRMDay1
    Day 2: http://bit.ly/GPRMDay2
    Day 3: http://bit.ly/GPRMDay3
    Day 4: http://bit.ly/GPRMDay4
    Day 5: http://bit.ly/GPRMDay5
    Day 6: http://bit.ly/GPRMDay6
    Day 7: http://bit.ly/GPRMDay7
    Day 8: http://bit.ly/GPRMDay8

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