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        I know there has been some confusion in the past about how the RCI worldwide weeks work for members of the Palladium Travel Club. Recently I was able to get a very clear picture of the program and hope this explanation will be helpful to members.

        There are several different fees which come into play with the RCI program. These different fees tend to be the source of the confusion.

        Firstly there is an affiliation fee. In some contracts, this fee is waived for the first three years under annex 5. Currently that fee is roughly $199 USD and needs to be paid directly to RCI only during years that the member is using the program.

        Secondly, there is a deposit fee. That fee is $249 USD per year that RCI weeks are used and pays to allow the hotel to deposit weeks into the members’ RCI account. This deposit fee is paid once per year only during years in which you choose to use RCI weeks.

        Thirdly, there is the actual exchange fee. For every RCI week that is being claimed, the member pays this fee. Currently, this fee is $259 USD.

        Finally, there is an all-inclusive fee which the member must pay if they are choosing to exchange to stay in an all inclusive. If the member is staying in a hotel which is not all-inclusive, this fee does not apply.

        Therefore, in a year which a member uses one RCI week, a total of $508 USD would be paid to the Palladium Travel Club after the member had paid RCI the affiliation fee.

        All of the fees above are subject to change with the exception of the $249 USD deposit fee, which is a fixed fee according to Clause 7. Also these fees may be different based on the currency that the member uses.

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          Thank you Peter for clarifying that!

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