Jamaica, like its neighbouring Caribbean islands and the US state of Florida, hosts a tropical climate. Typical of a tropical climate there is almost no seasonal variation in humidity and temperature. The weather is hot year round, humidity is high and relief from the heat only arrives come sunset or when the winds blow off the Caribbean Sea. The temperature only varies across the island, depending on latitude and proximity to the coast, however on average the daily temperature will sit in mid to high 20’s, with daily maximums above 30 degrees and often reaching in the high 30’s (Celsius) and minimums only falling to the low 20’s.

As with every Tropical location, you must keep in mind the hurricane seasons when planning a visit. Jamaica lies in the hurricane belt of the Atlantic Ocean, so can be hit directly and severely by passing hurricanes. This being the case its best to avoid the region between July and November, as this is the time of the year classed as hurricane season and the island can be hit by tropical storms for days upon days.

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