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        Travel Club members use a different procedure for making room requests than other guests of the resorts. ANNEX 5 of the standard Travel Club contract lists services that Travel Club members are contractually entitled to. Service #3 is “Priority access to locations of the suites.” Since the location of the suites being requested is to receive priority, Palladium Travel Club has instituted a procedure and method to track and attempt to meet room requests for Travel Club members.

        The Travel Club uses a computer program, Prestige, to enter and fulfill room requests. Since room assignation takes place roughly a week before arrival, the requests entered on behalf of Travel Club members are considered and met if possible before other room assignations. Therefore, room requests for Travel Club members should not be sent to the hotel one week before arrival. Instead, room requests can be made at any time beginning with the time of booking (when I generally make my requests) and will be entered into the Prestige program.

        Room requests for Travel Club members are given priority, but cannot be guaranteed. They are based on availability. The more specific the request is, the less likely the probability is that the room request will be available at the time of assignation.

        Examples of reasons a room request might not be able to be met generally involve hotel occupancy. Hotels and airlines use sophisticated methods of overbooking which take into consideration last minute cancellations to try and keep their hotels and flights full. Palladium is no different. Additionally, Palladium uses so many commercial outlets that at times an overbooking occurs. These overbookings can be either hotel overbooking or room category overbooking.

        If there is an overbooking and the hotel needs an extra room on Monday, the rooms division manager needs to assign a room to a client who is standing in front of him/her. That manager may need to assign the room of a Travel Club member arriving on Tuesday in order to meet the hotel’s obligation to the guest needing a room. In that case, the room request made would not be met.

        Another example of how requests might not be met is if there is a very popular room. Room 5301 in Royal Suites Turquesa is a very popular room. It is one of 4 swim up Romance Suites and is cherished for its unique (some say perfect) morning sun. Well, if 2 Travel Club members are requesting that location for the same period of time, one Travel Club member will obviously not receive the room…the room request is too specific.

        The bottom line is that your requests should identify what is most important to you and not be so specific that you have a greater likelihood of not receiving your request than receiving it. While the contract guarantees priority, it does not guarantee that your requests will be granted.

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          Thanks Peter. Makes a lot of sense.

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            Rom requests for Travel Club tend to be very misunderstood.

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