Mario Viazzo, Commercial Director of Latin America, shared his vision on the balance of the 2018 season and the hotel chain’s plans for 2019.

Although the Argentine political and economic context prevented Palladium Hotel Group from closing 2018 with a much more favorable growth in Latin America, the chain highlighted important advances and projections to exceed goals during the 2019 season.

The above, thanks to the opening of the new hotels in Costa Mujeres and the growth of the adult-only brand TRS Hotels. This was confirmed by Mario Viazzo, commercial director of Latin America, who pointed out that “although the Argentine and Brazilian markets are always ahead in the region, last year we were surprised by the growth of sales from countries such as Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. they begin to have a very strong attachment to the brand. “

In that sense, the Colombian territory once again appears as a key destination for the hotel industry in the region and even the world.

Through a statement, the spokesman of the chain took the opportunity to make a recount of the three most important milestones that were achieved during the previous year.

In the first one, it explains that a second semester very leveraged by the Brazilian market was achieved, even though the devaluation of the Argentine peso restrained to a certain extent the objectives expected for the region.

“Gran Palladium Imbassai Resort & Spa was one of our stars starting in July, with an important arrival of Argentines and Brazilians themselves,” he added.

The second highlight was the growth of the TRS Hotels brand. “Taking into account that the brand is only one year old, we have achieved very high levels of reserves and we are convinced that the segment will continue to grow in 2019,” he said.

However, the inauguration of the two hotels in Costa Mujeres-Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort and Spa and TRS Coral Hotel- was undoubtedly the great milestone of the year.

The incorporation of TRS Coral Hotel in Leading Hotels of the World finished crowning an international opening with the highest standards in environment and service. “These hotels are the biggest reflection of the gastronomy and luxury that we aim for more and more,” the spokesperson said.

Regarding the expectations for 2019, in addition to strengthening in Colombian territory, the commercial director of the chain pointed out other axes in which the company will be guided.

For this, he stressed that it will be key that during the first quarter of 2019 Argentina begin to recover as an emissive market and seek to recover the objectives set for 2018.

“We come with a very good sales pick-up from the Brazilian, Peruvian and Colombian market. The Argentine is going through a difficult time, however we continue with the expectation that the first quarter of the year the market will begin to recover, “he said.

On the other hand, the hotel chain will focus on the wedding and MICE segments as they are business verticals that grow increasingly in Latin America and the properties have some of the most interesting offers in the Caribbean.

It should be noted that the hotel chain closed the year 2018 with an investment in Europe and America of more than US $ 149.8 million in renovations and new works.

“We closed 2018 with important investments globally, so we continue with the goal of converting customers into fans, so we are very focused on providing an unforgettable experience in all the hotels of the company,” he concluded.

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Palladium Hotel Group is consolidating its operation in Colombia during 2019

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